PBC Alterations

So I’ve loved my Pit Barrel Cooker, but I must admit that over time using it there are a few things more I wanted in it. Well this weekend I added a couple simple features that add a world of value for me.

  1. A steel cable handle on the coal basket
  2. An internal thermometer for the Cooker temp

Almost every time I load the coal basket with hot coals it’s a challenge to get it back in the Cooker. That thing gets scorching hot fast & if you don’t load the basket outside of the Cooker it’s hard to get your coals grouped how you want. So adding this arc of cable secured to the outside corners of the basket handle makes this task much more enjoyable for me. After all, I like my filangees.

I could never understand why a thermometer was not built into the Pit Barrel Cooker package. It is very helpful to know where your internal temperature is so you don’t dry out your meats &  to keep consistent heat in the barrel at all times. Well this weekend I added one on my own so I can track the smoker temp.

With these two new additions, my smokin’ experience will be much improved & is already proving so!

– McTasty –

Looking for a backyard smoker of your own? Check out the Woodwind Pellet Grill from CampChef.  This innovative grill & smoker combo fits the bill for any of your outdoor cooking needs, so give it a look!

Click here to see the Woodwind Pellet Grill


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