Chicken Little

I smoked my first (small) whole chicken on Memorial Day. I tried brining it for a few hours prior to the cook by placing it in a large pot filled with water and added salt & light brown sugar for it to stew in.

Take a gander at this fine bird!

My in-laws had gotten me a variety pack of meat rubs & kept asking if I had used any of them, but I hadn’t… Until now! So they shall read this and rejoice with pure elation, thanks guys πŸ˜‰ I tried the Rotisserie Chicken rub first (sorry you didn’t get to try it, next time I promise).

Thank you Amish folks as well for making these tasty rubs! I know it’s highly unlikely that you’ll read my post being that you’re not tech savvy yet, but maybe someone who knows you will pass the word on. The Amish are a greatly handy bunch and I appreciate them.

Anyway, back to bird business here. Being that I hadn’t smoked a chicken before I was trying to do something to get some flavor in the bird. I massaged rub between the skin and the meat best I could. If you just rub it on the skin the season won’t transfer through & you’ll end up with yummy skin and plain chicken meat. Nobody wants boring chicken meat, that’s been had. So do the extra work & it’ll pay off. I also tried something a little different. I didn’t have a can of beer to shove in its rear, so I tried making an aluminum foil canister to fill with beer and place in its bum. This method didn’t totally work as planned, but at the least it may have helped provide a bit of extra moisture.

Cheers dear Chicken Little! 🍺 for you and 🍻for me since I’m doing all the work here.

So now that I’ve inebriated my de-feathered friend it was time to put him in the smoker. Before just tossing it in I decided to make a foil tray for the bird to lay in. I added beer, honey, garlic powder, & a little jerk season for it to bath in while it cooked.

OK fun stuff, now to the PBC Batman! (RIP to Adam West)

Ah look at that seasoned beer slurry simmer. What a lucky little bird. You’re gonna grow up to be really tasty one day, I just have a hunch 😊

After about 70% of a four hour cook I took the chicken out of its bath and placed it directly onto the grate. I wanted to make sure it got some flavor down below but wanted it to crisp up also. So that’s how it finished up its cook, directly over the hickory smoke & hot coals.

Now it’s winner winner chicken dinner time! Let’s see how our little πŸ” turned out shall we?

Not too shabby for a first run! I was pleased with the results & Momma approved. I look forward to doing another larger bird in the near future.

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Chicken Little

  1. I know this has to taste really good. I have made butt chicken in the oven and the moisture inside internally self bastes for tender goodness. With butt chicken you take a can of beer and remove half the beer (preferably to a glass to drink) then add your favorite seasoning and butter. Then you set the bird upright on the can and add heat. Smoking it likely adds additional flavor to the bird and I plan to try it. Thanks for the info.


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