What what it’s Pork Butt

Happy 4th of July weekend everybody πŸ˜ƒ I hope you all have a safe, relaxing, & happy holiday!

Today the wife & I are hosting my daughters 3rd birthday party and I’m cooking up pulled pork for our guests. 

I used a boning knife to trim down the fat from the butt and it worked great being that it’s much more flexible than your standard steak knife. I also wised up this time around and got some disposable vinyl food prep gloves for rubbing down the meat so I didn’t have to wash my hands thirty times. These two tools definitely made prep time more of a breeze. 

​​I doused the butt with olive oil then used a sweet & spicy butt rub making sure to get it into everywhere the sun doesn’t shine. This will help maximize flavor in the final product. 

​The butt hit the heat around 12:30 AM today & cooked through the night. At 2:30 AM the meat temp was in the low 190’s F. When I got up around 4:30 AM to check the temp it had dropped down to aroun 160 F again. I checked the coals and they were nearly burnt out. I had used mostly lump wood coal for the cook as there was very few Kingsford briquettes remaining. I think the coals may have lasted longer with a full load or better mix of the briquettes. 

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I expect the cook to run until around 12:30-1 PM with the rest included.  We’ve got some potential rain in our forecast today, so I’m hoping the cook will complete before it pours. 


I used the smoker away from its normal location and believe that due to this it may have caused my coals to burn up faster. This is my thought, the smoker normally sits in the middle of a block fire pit (my castle turret) and the block wall causes the coals to draw air more slowly. I loaded the coal basket three times through the duration of this cook. The last time being in its normal location and the coals glowed beautifully and burned nice & slow. 

After 10 hours in the Pit Barrel Cooker the pork butt was placed into foil with apple juice for about an hour. This helps the meat draw in the juice & remoisturize the while braising. If meat gets a little dry or hits a stall, the wrap is a great option to get you over that hump & keep the meat cooking and drawing in moisture. 

Once an hour had passed in the stall, I decided to remove it from the foil and place it directly on the grate. I mopped the butt with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and I put it on the heat for about 20 minutes more just to firm it up a little. The meat was already so tender at this point that it was falling apart just trying to place it on the grate. I was actually nervous that I might lose some precious meat through the grates so some had to be sacrificed for an early tasting πŸ˜‹

After 20 minutes on the grate the cook was complete and the final product was begging to be eaten. 

I used a brand new set of Bear Claws that I received for Fathers Day to shred up the pork effortlessly. I spritzed the pulled pork with some apple juice to help keep it moist until it’s time to serve. Finished just in time for the party!

If you were at the party and had a chance to try the pulled pork, leave a comment and let me know how it was. Thanks!


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